Brevard Physicians Network

Physician Group

Brevard Physicians Network (BPN) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) made up of more than 300 physicians in Brevard County, Florida. We help smaller practices and independent physicians to offer quality care by enabling them to remain competitive in a tough marketplace. We also believe that physicians should be freed from the ever-growing administrative tasks brought on by increasingly complex payer requirements.

BPN therefore acts as an expert partner, helping members gain profitable contracts. With strength in numbers, physicians have better purchasing power and a stronger negotiating voice. That way our members can continue to provide excellent independent care – without influence from other business pressures or interests.

Brevard Physicians Network is a mutual benefit, taxable non-profit organization. It is similar in legal structure to a golf or swim club, wherein there are no actual equity owners, but a legal vehicle to come together as a cooperative group with clear objectives.

As a non-profit we do not retain profits or charge large fee schedules for the services that we offer.