Florida Blue

Private Insurance


Driven by core principles to enable healthy communities. Our Mission is to help people and communities achieve better health declares our purpose as a company and it serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and our decisions. Our Vision is to be a leading innovator enabling healthy communities is both the inspirational and aspirational description of the future state of our company. It is our framework and guides every aspect of our business. By broadening our scope and continuing to evolve, we have more flexibility to make a greater impact on as many people as possible. Our core values are timeless.  They describe the core principles that distinguish our culture and serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

At Florida Blue, we value community service to keep Florida healthy, educated and beautiful. Our volunteer and educational programs give employees opportunities to enrich lives within their communities. We partner with local organizations to achieve one goal; to help people and communities achieve better health and to connect with the passions of our customers. But, our efforts don’t stop with Florida. With the help of the Red Cross, we provide diseaster relief efforts to those in need.