HME Providers



Over 15 years ago, HME Providers set out on a mission to provide a network of smaller independent DME dealers across the country the same benefits afforded to large national providers by leveraging our combined buying power to negotiate with venders and manufacturers overseas. Today, we have built a network of dealers providing them a competitive edge in these turbulent times in the industry. The combined volume of sales between members has allowed HME Providers to offer “direct from the factory pricing”, which will be an important lifeline during recent changes in Obama Care and introduction of National Competitive Bidding.

HME Providers has expanded its member services organization to include ownership in manufacturers that design and develop diagnostic equipment used in patients homes for real time disease state management including glucose analyzers, blood pressure monitors, weight scales, pulse oximetry to name a few. HME also has ownership in manufacturers that provide complete lines of patient equipment from ambulatory and bathroom safety to oxygen concentrators and continuous positive air pressure products. HME Providers’ mission is to empower DME companies to not only survive through Medicare changes, but to thrive!