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With the mission, “Technology for the Human” since its establishment in 1996, Infopia succeeded in the commercialization of a full-automated biochemical analyzer, blood glucose monitoring biosensor, HbA1c measuring system and sensor, cholesterol and triglyceride measuring system and sensor, diabetes phone, G-Healthcare service platform, etc., as a result of striving in R&D and commercialization aiming for the prevention of diseases in early stages and management through blood diagnosis.

It has obtained certifications including US FDA approval, for the first time in Korea, and Europe CE certification in many countries. As the fruits of continuous investment in research and development, recently we succeeded in developing a handheld diagnostic system and sensor for liver diseases, a diagnostic system and sensor for heart diseases and thyroid hormones, and a diagnostic system and sensor for cancers, etc., for the first time in the world, and introduced timely new products leading the trends of the world market, resulting in our growth as a healthcare & bio-science company representing Korea in the world marketplace.