Disease Management


MedWatch is a full-spectrum care management company providing clinical risk management solutions to the self-funded health plan market since 1988. Our programs are built on the philosophy that assertive, professional and personalized healthcare management should meet the clinical needs of clients and their employees while also performing cost containment support of the plan.

MedWatch staff is made up of health care professionals well acquainted with the US health care delivery system and the special needs of health care recipients. Our nursing team has expertise in all levels of care, including the most acute/catastrophic and is backed up by solid MD support.

Integration of all clinical management services has continually been a focal point in the evolution of the Company’s offerings; a full service medical management solution will maximize benefits for patients as well as protect plans and employers. The ability to provide early identification and stratification of patients, aggressive case management, Population Health Management and education, and meaningful reporting of outcomes results in augmented opportunities for intervention and cost containment.